Subject: ((Looks good to me!))
Posted on: 2021-09-07 13:30:28 UTC

I'll try and break up the final issue with images, so it won't just be "here's a block of text, most of it is Tash". Fear not.

The alternative would be integrating the component pieces back into earlier issues. "4?" could sit on the end of [i]Rumours[/i], and "2nd" could obviously nestle on the end of [i]Coarse and Unrefined[/i], but there's not really an appropriate place to stick "3!", so we'll just stick with the way you have it. :)

I enjoyed this! It's nice to see a wrap-up of one of the various sub-plots we had going, and I liked the fact that the plan was... well, a bit of a shambles really. It's more realistic that way. ^_^ And the final scene was... sweet. :)

It would be fascinating to know how Tash's meltdown would have ended in the timeline where Ananke didn't intervene - we know she's still alive two years later, and everyone else isn't dead, so presumably someone managed to calm her down and/or lock her away. Quite possibly the Ellimist and the wizards dropped a local time-freeze on her, keeping her out of the way until they couldn't maintain it any more.

There are so many gods it would be hilarious to see in an event like this. Destiny of the Endless is one of my picks - carrying a book which theoretically tells them everything that's going to happen, but in the PPC just melts down. I had a sketch done (in case 11 people didn't join up) for one of the HQ Daleks as the Gallifreyan god Time. I was equal parts dreading and hoping for someone to pull out one of the Chaos Gods of Warhammer 40K.

But y'know, I think we had a pretty good Pantheon - and Tash, both because she's an amazing bundle of contradictions and because you did so much with her, was definitely one of the stars. Thanks for taking part. :)


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