Subject: Kindred Spirits?
Posted on: 2021-08-17 19:42:11 UTC

Stone twitched her tail with some degree of surprise, since this was her first time encountering... another feline? Wait. That wasn't right. She wasn't that much of a cat now, she was a god. Did it matter so much? Well. Whether or not it mattered, this seemed like quite an enjoyable conversation to have. She blinked in greeting and paused in her bathing to convey a proper sense of attentiveness. "I'm glad you found value in my song," she conveyed with a nod of her head. It really was nice to communicate as a cat did, wasn't it? To avoid the notice of humans. A harmless enough part of who she was before she knew she was Stone, yes? Of course.

((kitties kitties kitties)) ((I'm so glad you liked the performance! I enjoyed writing it quite a lot. I don't have any particular opinions on the date- perhaps the 9th? So a while after Let The Show Begin.)) ((And the Ambitious Calico is, as you might guess, a calico. :3 ))

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