Subject: RP: Multiverse Monitor: Special Edition
Posted on: 2021-08-04 08:49:31 UTC

25th August, 2020

It's been nearly a month since "the gods returned", and we're less and less inclined to keep the scare-quotes in place. We've all seen them around HQ and New Cal by now. We all know someone who's been to one of their concerts - whether it was a bombastic affair like Kord's, a small, intimate gathering like Stone's, or whatever goes on at the Raven Queen's audiences.

And of course, we all - all of us, literally figuratively everyone in the PPC - at least glimpsed the magnificently over-the-top extravaganza of the Party in the Parc (Tolkien). No-one who heard their performances (for 'songs' is far too brief a word for this) or saw the lights over New Cal can doubt that the gods are… something.

So whether you're an ardent believer in their oft-stated divinity, or are convinced they're a bunch of charlatans and Suvians - or if you're just tagging along for the inevitable drama of the whole thing - we dedicate this special edition of the Multiverse Monitor to you. To the fans - and to the kids turned gods turned superstars who inspire us.

Yep, one of HQ's increasing number of identically-titled tabloids, magazines, and newspapers has gotten its claws into the Pantheon. They're willing to print basically anything - interviews, profiles, advertising, gossip columns, you name it, you can write it. I've got an interview with Yavanna coming out, but if you want to write an interview with your own god, go for it! Or a piece about someone else... it'd be great if Team Conspiracy published something (maybe even as a 'conclusion' of their storyline, given that this is only 6 days before the end of the event), but we could have fan reactions, descriptions of concerts... anything. Go wild!


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