Subject: Tash scowled.
Posted on: 2021-09-11 14:00:29 UTC

"I know that, oh weaver of time. The End is neither bad nor good, merely inevitable. I am merely she who waits for it to come, and collects my due." She crossed her arms and gazed at the Ellimist for a few moments, an almost serene look on her face. "Time is strange in this place. I sense many endings . . . too many endings, for the paths each life may take lie close to each other here, side by side. 'Multiple choice' endings. Tell me, Ellimist, what do thee sense here? How does thy power . . . feel to thee, in this place?"

—doctorlit is glad someone finally named the Lone One out loud so Tash doesn't have to keep referring to them through euphemisms, although the conversation has moved on from that anyway

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