Subject: ((Regarding Tash . . .))
Posted on: 2021-08-10 02:32:08 UTC

((I'm scrambling for free time lately, but I definitely want to participate in this again, and to continue both with what Tash is doing, and with Ilcharheen's friends trying to figure out what's happening. I do have a . . . soooong? of sorts? Written for Tash's performance at Party in the Parc, so I'm at least ready to go on that front.))

((I also figure Tash will spend the non-musical portions of the month trying to tag along on the missions of as many agent pairs as she can possibly charisma-roll into taking her. (Not that she has mush charisma in spooky death bird mode, but hey, extra help is extra help, right? If the creepy, raspy-voiced teenage girl says she's been assigned as a temporary teammate, who's to turn her down? She's probably just in DOGA or something, lot of smoke in the air.) So if anyone wants to very slowly RP a shortish, probably made-up-badfic mission where Tash is standing around in an unsettling manner, and then does something even more unsettling at the end, hit me up!))

((I'm also semi-planning an interview for Tash, but I'm still muddling over the proper balance of keeping things light while still allowing her to be somewhat threatening to some underpaid PPC staffer. Thoughts?))

((Lastly, hS and Nesh: I notice in the graphic at the end of "Future Tense," Tash is one of the still-living gods at that point. If that RP is going to continue, let me know if you need anything written about her. Unless the definitive end in August 2020 means that timeline doesn't matter any more anyway? Just let me know.))

—Why did doctorlit choose such a serious, spooky death god? The one from the Inkheart series would have been SO much easier . . .

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