Subject: "Hello."
Posted on: 2021-08-17 15:10:19 UTC

That wasn't actually what was said. Agent Mmrrowl didn't actually say anything, in the way that two-legged agents generally mean the term; he merely flirted his tail in a particular way that meant something on the order of "I acknowledge your existence, and have decided that at present I will permit you to share my personal space without complaint."

For a cat, that's about as close to a greeting as you're likely to get.

Mmrrowl sat down a few strides away from Stone and examined her for a couple of seconds. Then, ducking his head, he casually washed his ear with one paw. "Interesting song," he said, in the glint of one half-hidden eye, and for him that was equivalent to a standing ovation.

((Because I remembered I have a couple of cats strolling about HQ. I'm sure the other one will be along any minute... :D Neither of them speak anything other than Cat, but they both understand English if Stone would rather use it.))

((And I loved the performance! It really evokes both her god, and the impact it has on her listeners. :) ))

((Do you have a feel for when in the month this happened? Both for archiving purposes, and so I know whether Mmrrowl has already spent a couple of weeks thinking condescending thoughts about two-leggeds and their foibles before he happened to see Stone's show.))


((PS: Mmrrowl is a black cat, but not, as he once took pains to point out, a Black Cat.))

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