Subject: Tash had a toothy smile on her face, and narrowed her eyes at the Ellimist.
Posted on: 2021-09-04 12:39:40 UTC

"Am I wrong, though?" she asked as she sauntered back towards the group. "This enemy of the paired ones sounds awfully familiar, doth she not? A 'Meddler' they call her, and thee do meddle with time, do thee not? A 'Prince of Lies'—and thee do manipulate many souls to get thy desired outcome, yes? Hm." She stopped in front of the Ellimist and rested a contemplative finger and thumb on her chin. "Hmmmm. We did not realize our true identities until this very month. Are you certain, Ellimist, truly certain that you are not this dangerous Power they warn of? They did say she has many aspects!" She stared directly into the Ellimist's eyes, teeth on full display.

—doctorlit, being villainous

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