Subject: Tash cocked her head, birdlike.
Posted on: 2021-08-24 21:24:50 UTC

"I'm not trying to defeat darkness with darkness. I'm trying to defeat light with darkness, by kidnapping another darkness. Very simple." She shifted her feet forward and slid into the seat, taking a more recognizably human position. "So it's more like Sauron using Morgoth to defeat Boromir. Except Sauron could defeat Boromir easily without assistance, so it's more like Sauron using Morgoth to defeat Gandalf. Except I'm looking for help from another universe, so it's more like Sauron getting Lord Voldemort to defeat Gandalf. Except Sauron is more powerful than Lord Voldemort, so it's actually more like . . ." She continued to drone on for a bit.

—doctorlit, sucking all the menace out of Tash with a single post.

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