Subject: An answer.
Posted on: 2021-08-20 02:16:59 UTC

Stone drooped slightly, and tucked her nose beneath her tail, before straightening. "I'm not just a cat. I'm a god. Maybe before- especially before I came to the PPC- I may have been selfish, perhaps. But that wasn't the real me. Of course not. It wasn't that important, and now I'm loved. Doesn't everyone want love, attention, all of that? And despite being a cat, being Stone, sacrifice, giving- all these things are important to me. Though I do expect my followers to be willing to give of themselves, when such a thing is necessary. Mostly, I lead by example in that department." "Though I do miss certain feline traditions. Cat-chasing, for one. Not that anyone in the PPC knows the rules there. I don't suppose you're from a place where cat-chasing is common?"

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