Subject: ((Thank you! =] ))
Posted on: 2021-08-04 20:24:41 UTC

It helps that the Non-Propaganda Communications Division is my own, and I've wanted to do something with them - and with their in-universe format - for a while now. This seemed like a good stab at making it work.

And yeah, I do have some... issues with Buzzfeed listicles. However, I understand why they're there: the ad money from those funds the actual journalism, which has been quietly improving for a while now. A Buzzfeed duo of writers were shortlisted for the Paul Foot prize for investigative journalism a year or two ago, if memory serves. It's something I tried to replicate from the point of view of the NPCs, which also let me do a recap of the plot stuff with Algie and Agamemnon/El-Ahrairah. Having hack journo characters on tap is useful, it turns out! =]

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