Subject: Tash's fists clenched, her teeth ground.
Posted on: 2021-09-15 12:37:44 UTC

"I do not throw rocks," she ground out. She reached for the end of the fading time stream and pinched the farthest star between index finger and thumb. As she cupped it in her palm, its twinkling white began to dim into a rusty red. "I take only that which has no further place in the river." She clenched the fist, and the stars of the minor time stream all winked out, the stronger stream diverted by the Ellimist's "rock" still shining strong and bright.

Tash was desperate to confront the Ellimist further, but glanced at the mortals. She was embarrassed to admit any weakness before them, and yet . . . her curiosity and envy won out. She turned to face the Ellimist and spoke quietly. "My power is constrained by the will of the Lion. Thee has no such restriction upon thy power. Why, then, do thee choose to limit thyself?"

—doctorlit, suddenly humanizing Tash a bit, I guess

((Nesh, if my Nursery kids' reactions to the Ellimist's concert weren't what you had in mind, I can absolutely edit that!))

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