Subject: Nothing lasts forever
Posted on: 2021-09-06 01:31:35 UTC

Lucian played with her power. By herself. Away from others. One performance was enough. She didn't know how the other gods could handle the crowds, the cheering, the headache...

She fixed her robe, letting her thoughts wander. Was she really going to be dead within a few years? Doomed to fix whatever problems then just, fade?

How was she suppose to fix problems, anyways? She was a god of chaos (sorta), not one to fix problems, but rather one to start them.

Somewhere, in a different timeline, she sent balls of electricity down the halls, trying to unwarp the halls the gods tried to fixed.

Her fabric felt smooth again, just like first time. Smooth, slick, perfect for navigating through the cold waters. No water would soak through, she would not shiver. Just like when she became Lucian.

Somewhere in the future, she cried, curling herself up in her RC. What had everyone done? Was anyone still alive? O'Ryan?

Became. That word stuck into her head. She was always Lucian, wasn't she?

Wasn't she?

She forced herself off the bench. She couldn't angst. She needed to preoccupy her mind with something else.

She wandered around, navigating the crowds. Being 6' tall, in other situations, would make herself stick out, but plenty of the agents were tall, non-humaniod in the least.

She walked towards north. She saw Natalie walk this way earlier. Maybe she could make amends!

Meanwhile, O'Ryan had watched one of the gods (he was terrible with names. What was his name? Which one?) on stage. He seemed to blink... and the god was no longer a god. Just a kid.

A fear chord, had this been a video game, would've sounded. O'Ryan felt himself stiffen.

Oh gods.

Was Kitty not Lucian, then? A wave of relief fell over him. His partner, his friend, she wasn't a Sue. Not in the least. Slight cold leaked into the warmth, however.

Oh gods! How would Kitty take this?

He had to find her! Before she turned back too!

He ran. He ran like heck.

Lucian had found Natalie with a strange man^ following besides her.

"Natalie!" Lucian cried out. "Hang on a second! Let me catch up!" Her boots crunch on the ground, crushing the glass underfoot to powder. Her cloak, a simple thing to hide her identity flew off, its knot untied. It wasn't a very sturdy knot, of course, but still.

"Yes?" Natalie replied, eyeing the god warily.

Lucian tripped on her own robe, sending her tumbling down. She caught herself, as one did, biting back a screaming as some glass entered her left palm.

A woman walked up besides Lucian and offered her hand. Lucian, without a second thought, grabbed it with her right hand and helped herself up.

It seems that the laws of Narrative Comedy (or was it irony? It dodn't seem very funny.) did not like Lucian today. At all.

She faced the older woman, the words thank you on Lucian's lips, but she saw that she was crying. Beneath a veil.

The person who started it all.

"I love you," she whispered. "I'm sorry. But you were never a god."

O'Ryan fell down on the glass some boots had crushed mere minutes earlier, feeling some cloth distinctly wrap around him. He bit back the scream of pain from the little glass shards entering into his left arm, his ears ringing. He swatted at the cloth which wrapped halfway around his torso, felt the slick fabric. Stopped. He looked at it.


He could hear someone sobbing. He turned his head left...

Kittyauthor sat by herself, her black dress wrinkled, her eyelids swollen and puffy from crying.

Caring less about his pain, he crawled to Kitty and hugged her.

"I'm not a god," she said. "I... can't tell, can't t-tell whether I should be happy or sad." She hugged O'Ryan back, pressing her head onto his shoulder.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Don't be," Kitty said, smiling through her tears into O'Ryan's shoulder. She pushed herself out of his hug. "It'll be fine. Like you said."

"Like I- gah! Qnza cloak!" For the cloak just smacked him in the face. Kitty giggled.

"I guess everything's back to normal," she said.

^The man is Atticus. I plan on writing him to enter the PPC during this event... once I get the courage to write Natalie outside of RPs.

Gah! It's angsty, sorry. I can't think of any other way to end this.

I planned on writing two things: one, O'Ryan and Kitty sharing a bonding moment, where Kitty is awkwardly getting used to her new height of 6 feet, and (two) O'Ryan telling Crow this story, although the latter will probably be an interlude. Probably.

So, hS, correct me if I'm wrong, but you also said that Spoilers for the RP, I guess So, will we see a line of that or was that dropped? Just curious!

-kA, who has been writing too much angst lately.

Edit: spelling.

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