Subject: ((Never too dark, never fear. ^_^))
Posted on: 2021-09-11 20:24:00 UTC

The "story I wanted to tell" went something like this:

Hey, this is a cool comic > I bet this would be funny if it happened in the PPC > I could totally offer to draw agents-as-gods if people suggested it > Eh, probably wouldn't work, most agents aren't young enough any more > I'm feeling draw-y, I'll give it a shot, I wonder if I'll get anywhere close to 12 > OH WOW.

I've been positively delighted with how much people have gotten into it, and the way the storyline has spun up and off. The Anti-Divinity protests, Tash's meltdown, the time travel malarkey, the sheer number of beautiful concerts and interviews - it's been fantastic. I've got 14 "issues" out of something I expected to be mostly me doing pictures and people maybe RPing a bit.

I feel kind of bad for Algie, but I'm very glad you got a chance to do some character... development? through this. As long as no-one gets seriously hurt, I call it a good addition. :)


(And yes, a mental breakdown would normally fall under 'seriously hurt', but... it's the PPC. For better or worse, people snapping and getting taken to FicPsych has become a feature of the place. ~hS)

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