Subject: Got a bit long here, but made it eventually.
Posted on: 2021-08-21 22:37:30 UTC

"Ah. A... god."

Mmrrowl said the word, with its slight upward glance to indicate one above the speaker, with visible discomfort. It wasn't disbelief, but more a feeling that, as a cat, no-one should be above him.

"I know little of gods, though there was one once, in a dream..." He flicked his tail, dismissing the thought. "If that is how gods are loved, may it give you much pleasure/entertainment/pride." The concepts were difficult to separate, but Mmrrowl didn't even try. "For myself, it seems like a lot of work - but I will still listen to your song, if I may."

"Games, now..." The black cat dropped to the floor, rolling onto his back for a moment before leaping back to his feet. "We play only one game, the Game, among my people; I don't know if it is the same. Though, if it is chasing you want, there is someone you must meet."

He flashed his teeth, showing the irony of his last words, but then his ears pricked up as a faint jingling echoed down the hall. "The Ironic Overpower," he grumbled, the same look upward as 'god' paired with the barest show of his fangs. "I apologise for this."

"Mmrrowl!" Another cat scampered up the corridor, her fur long and white, a small golden bell on her collar. "I found you! Oh!" She skittered to a halt, staring at Stone. "I know you! My human loves you!"

Mmrrowl rolled his eyes, one of the few gestures he had adopted from the two-legged agents. "Stone," he said, "meet Aunt Sam."

(("one once, in a dream" and "the [Cat] Game" are both somewhat oblique references to different things.

((Aunt Sam is a mini-Mogget. I'll mention this in narrative next time if you don't cover it, but her feline speech is much more exaggerated than Mmrrowl's - it might feel like a kitten speaking, maybe, or maybe like she's shouting - or just clumsy. The bell on her collar is a mini-Kibeth, which when rung, eg by her jumping about, gives people an impulse or urge to move. I think that can be either walking or dancing, but it can be resisted by force of will as well.

((Mmrrowl really doesn't like Aunt Sam, partly because she's a mini, and partly because she just really winds him up. ^_^


((PS: Most cats I've known played the Cat Game, but my parents' current pair are sibling house-cats, and they love to chase from end to end of the house.))

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