Subject: ((The offer is noted and appreciated.))
Posted on: 2021-08-16 08:21:40 UTC

We're definitely planning part 2 of Future Tense, but we don't know whether Tash will actually show up at this point. My mental image of her in the final "gone a little cuckoo" stages of godhood has been shifting back and forth between "wanders the halls being spooky and unkillable (because she is The End, and so cannot be Ended against her will)" and "full-on human sacrifice extravaganza", so actually, your position on how she'll wind up would be great even if she doesn't show up directly.

(The canonical quote about how things go at the late stage is "You don't see many gods bathing in blood in the first year of their return". One way to describe it could be that their preferences and tendencies - whether mortal or godly - grow more and more obsessive as time passes.)

Also: I would love to see Tash's performance, for the Party in the Parc or otherwise. I think if it was the Party I'd probably archive the account in either the Special Edition (as a standalone, literally as an account of what her show was like), or to its own issue (if people respond to it, like how Yavanna's show is archived). See, I'm already planning... :D

Alsø alsø wik: I really want to see the interview. ^_^ One way of keeping it light would be to have an interviewer who refuses to be anything but bubbly, and ignores obvious attempts by Tash to lead her down darker paths. Sort of like:

So, Tashie, you keep calling yourself 'the end'. What's that all about?

I am The End. All lives are stories, and all stories End, and I am that End. I will stand when you, and everything in the PPC, are naught but dust and memories, and that time will come very soon.

Cool. So, what's your favourite flavour of chocolate?

(Obviously over a full interview you'd be a little more subtle than that. ^_~)


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