Subject: ((I think it fits beautifully.))
Posted on: 2021-09-10 09:23:24 UTC

I really like the way you've incorporated the Poppins mythos into the farewell, to the point where I'm slightly regretting not doing the same kind of thing for Yavanna. :) I don't think the style is mismatched - the whole point of this event was for people to show the different ways that different people respond to getting this power dropped on them - and removed.

You've also made me decide that I may need an "aftermath" scene for Tanfin as well; otherwise I'll be missing out!

Mary Poppins was definitely the most unusual request for godhood. I think I went and asked Kaitlyn if she thought it would work, because she's read at least some of the books; apparently she said yes, and she (and you) were right. You've had a lot to try and work in - everyone's going to be thinking of the Disney version, and then I feel like Ananke's words during the ascension came out somewhat at odds with your own view of the character. But you pulled it off masterfully!

One thing I regret is not giving Mary a more distinctive costume; I think I literally just slapped an umbrella on your description of Jiwon! The cover version gets a tiny bow tie by way of apology.

Thank you very much for taking part. :)


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