Subject: ((I'll leave the organization to you, then!))
Posted on: 2021-09-08 12:41:22 UTC

((I was worried I was giving the Nursery kids a little too much agency and freedom in traveling around HQ, but I suppose the events playing out would make the whole place a lot more disorderly, and easier for kids to be sneaking around abandoned RCs and testing portal coordinates? But yeah, kids forming plans with very few limits on their imaginations are going to land more on the "outlandish" end of the plan scale.))

((Hm. If Ananke hadn't stopped things when she did . . . The thing is, Tash only got that power boost from being within the Mirari's area of influence. Returning to HQ would revert her to her baseline power, so it then becomes a question of how much threat she poses to Krosa, and the continent it sits on, with a side order of whether she could sense where the power was coming from, and seek the Mirari for herself. Krosa is inhabited by centaur druids, who would certainly notice Tash's presence before long, and awaken Kamahl, a long-meditating human druid who's responsible for putting the Mirari in Krosa in the first place. Krosa's wildlife during this period is mad with aggression and attacks anyone on sight, so Kamahl probably has a decent chance of reaching the Mirari before Tash, since she'll be slowed down by every random deer, bear and rabbit that crosses her path. I do think that Kamahl, using the Mirari to channel life-based magic, actually has a chance at destroying the aspects of Tash without doing fatal harm to Ilcharheen herself, but that's getting a bit too far into "could Optimus Prime beat up Voltron" territory. Plus, External Security would certainly be involved by that point, so quite a few variables to think about.))

((I'm glad you enjoyed Tash! I never imagined, when we started last year, just how much things would escalate, but it was major fun RPing such a cold and powerful villain!))


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