Subject: OBJECTION Your Horror!
Posted on: 2022-05-12 15:31:19 UTC

As everyone of taste and discernment knows, the only TRUE source of journalism (yellow, blello, or octarine) in PPC HQ is the REAL Multiverse Monitor, which has been in continuous publication for, lemme just check, MANY YEARS.

For a given value of 'continuous', at least. Honestly, Breeze, do you have to pick a fight with every upstart New Monitor?

Yes! If I don't, who will?

Possible one of the other half-dozen claimants to the title.

NONE of whom DESERVE to use it. We created the Multiverse Monitor from the ground up! WE didn't steal any names-

I hear there's a blue elf who disagrees on that point.

--shaddup 'Stel, that doesn't count. The point is, OBJECTION!

~Starwind Rohana -Estelnar Celebduin (editors, REAL Multiverse Monitor)

((hS here; I had to, particularly since they have an issue out only two months ago. HQ's original tabloid journalists will always chime in when someone claims their name; it's best just to ignore them.))

(("Blue elf" - the first Multiverse Monitor in the PPC was a newsletter; the only surviving parts are editorials by Al's Waiter, the Blue Elf. ~hS))

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