Subject: Cease and Desist
Posted on: 2022-05-12 23:51:13 UTC

Dear Archivist Sarkan,

It has come to our attention that you have made an unauthorised use of the name "New Multiverse Monitor" in conjunction with a publication not authored by the editorial team of the New Multiverse Monitor. We, the editorial team at RC 2536, are the current authors of the publication "New Multiverse Monitor" and thus the correct holders of the publication name.

In addition, you have made several libelous claims regarding our status and readership, most notably that "nobody paid for this publication" and that it was "lost to the ether". Both statements are erroneous, as we have been continuously publishing since 2011 HST.

We request that you cease and desist all operations pertaining to the unauthorised usage of our name and the printing of false claims regarding our publication. Failure to correct may result in your publication being held liable for any damages we have suffered as a result of your libel and infringement.

It is in our best interest -- and yours -- that this issue be settled amicably to avoid further legal remedies as provided by the bylaws of PPC City New Caledonia.

Nita Incog, EIC New Multiverse Monitor

((No, she didn't read about the subsequent name change. Yes, you're free to run a third MM in concurrence with mine and hS's MMs. For reference, I did the 2013 incarnation, and Nita and Anon were spotted interviewing the Ellimist last year, so they're still around! ~Lily))

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