Subject: Bewilderment! Evil! Corruption! Scandal! Sock Puppets On Sale at RC 006.9999!
Posted on: 2022-05-13 15:56:57 UTC

The Gossip Monitor

The finest in yellow journalism!

Inconceivable! It seems there are at least THREE MARY SUE publications within the halls of our very own Headquarters? Is this a silly gag perpetuated by some pranksters, or is this something DEEPER and potentially RUINOUS!?

Here is Agent Joan, whose words are being transcribed without any editing whatsoever:

You see, I told you! I told you all! It's the Flowers! They're doing this! Making us think we're crawling with rats, making them, ooh they make them all, they're responsible for all of this! They think they can get away with it, but a new day, a Crisis, a REVOLUT - OW! PLEASE! NOT THAT! I WAS KIDDING I SWEAR! OH PLEASE NO! ANYTHING BUT THE UNCOMFORTABLY WARM AND MOIST PILLOW! PLEASE! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU-


Fascinating! Who did this? Why would they? Was Joan right? Has my microwave casserole finished cooking? All will be revealed in our pages eventually! Keep your eyes peeled, Agent! We'll follow this story as it develops... as soon as we can find Agent Joan's RC.



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