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Posted on: 2022-11-14 07:29:24 UTC

So: Lorien elf means she will be named in Sindarin, which is a relief; if she was from Mirkwood there's a good chance her name would be in the poorly-known Silvan tongue.

I can think of five named, non-ruling Lorien elves to go off: Haldir, Rumil, Orophin, Nimrodel, and Mithrellas. The first three are brothers; interestingly, Rumil is named after a Valinorean sage, while Haldir is named after a mortal chieftain of the Haladin. Unless she's explicitly a sister of those three, it's probably best to avoid reused names.

Nimrodel means "White-Cave-Lady"; Mithrellas could mean "grey-leaf". A colour-forest feature name would be appropriate. I would avoid Mith- (white) , Morn- (black), and Celeb- (silver), but Nim- (white), Gwath- (shaded), Tin- (sparkling, like stars), or even the likes of Luin- (blue), Baran- (brown), Russ- (copper), Carn- (red)... any of those strike your fancy? If the agents are naming her, they might pick a description for where they first met her, or a situation they saw her in; if you suggest a few possibilities in English I can see what I can do.


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