Subject: Poking at those names a bit.
Posted on: 2022-11-14 23:06:47 UTC

I don't think you can just create Xh digraphs like that. "hen" mutates to "chen" as the second element in a compound, and Ael+chen =/= Aelhen(n).

Some examples indicate that a lot of the time, h simply stays as h even in compounds; I don't think the Sindar liked medial Ch very much! But LH is a different phoneme (it's actually Welsh LL), so I think your names would go:

Aellen & Loechen


... well, Hingýron, but that looks wrong, so I would prefer Hingeron or Hengiron.

A lot of this is just personal "feel" for how the language should look/sound, so take it with a gallon of salt. Apparently I get quite mystical about Sindarin these days.


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