Subject: Yeah, I think you're right about CH.
Posted on: 2022-11-14 23:53:33 UTC

My guide tells me if the first letters in the second word or the last letters of the first word in a compound are CH, they become H.

But if the first letter in the second word is H, it becomes CH after a vowel, hence lacha + hend = lachenn.

None of my first words end in a vowel, though, so I only ran into a medial CH with loeg mutating to loech (and ang -> anch, whoops) before the H. And obviously we couldn't end up with Loechhenn (or Anchhenn), so dropping an H just makes sense. And I agree with dropping it in Aellen, too; much nicer, IMO. And I guess you didn't retain the double-N in that case because it would be a bit much after a double-L?

I did wonder if ý might actually shorten to u, giving Hinguron or Henguron? Sindarin y is pronounced a bit like German ü, right?


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