Subject: What's her personality like?
Posted on: 2022-11-14 08:17:52 UTC

Presuming she has enough of one to make her worth recruiting rather than letting her assimilate as a random background character. Basic appearance isn't much to go on.

Still, I had a poke through a Sindarin dictionary for possibilities suggesting dark eyes, which I guess might be moderately unusual among Sylvan and Sindar elves. Following the example of lachenn (flame-eyed) and combining with the term hend (plural hind) for eye(s):

  • with ael or loeg (pool/lake) - Aelhenn or Loechenn
  • with ang (iron) - Anghenn
  • with cýron (new moon) - Hingýron

For the last one I put the "eyes" element first (and pluralized it) because it just works better that way, IMO, but you can always switch the order of elements in a name (always following the rules). That one happens to be my favorite, though. "Eyes of the new moon," very poetic!

But, hS is really the expert around here, so wait and see what he has to say before you make up your mind. ^_^

~Neshomeh just tries for fun.

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