Subject: Oof, that name.
Posted on: 2022-11-14 16:55:50 UTC

It could be Quesse-sanga-iel, "Feather-pressure-maid" ("Featherweight"?), or possibly Quesse-sangie-el "Feather-Necessity-elf", or even Quesse-anga-iel "Feather-iron-maiden". None of those are great. ^_^ Eru-lasse is a hugely taboo way of saying "leaf of The One". I think it's all straight Quenya.

If the agents were feeling nice, they could keep (and translate) an element of her original name. There's no Sindarin form of "feather", but "wing" might serve; so perhaps something like Raw+(G)wath = Rawath/Rowath, "wing-shadow"? Tin + lais = Tillais, "sparkling leaves" is quite nice too. Nim + ang + iel = Nimangiel "White iron maiden" is doable, but probably a bit long, and the alternate form "Nimangel" has, uh, connotations.

Cowne is interesting, because it's clearly a tidier form of "Conwe", and probably means "Chief". But it's weird because it would be a Sindarin name which looks exactly like an early, Cuivienen-era Quenya name! If I were a snarky PPC agent, I might call her Glorechil, "golden follower" - she ain't no chief.

Or just call her Idril. Haldir and Rumil are doing the same thing, and Celeborn's named after a flippin' tree.


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