Subject: More info coming up:
Posted on: 2022-11-14 09:41:11 UTC

Her original name is Quessangіel Erulasse, which sounds rather silly (and appears to be a weird mashup of Quenya and Sindarin). She, along with another elleth named Cowne Idril (ain't even commenting on this one but for real tho, why is she named after Turgon's daughter?; she shows up after the point I end the mission, though this may change. In case I change my mind, she is blonde with either grey or dark eyes) are loyal yes-man handmaidens (rather like a succulent little peach we know somewhere…) to the Sue. Quessangіel, Cowne and the Sue (who is yet another Celebrían replacer, but it's a story for another time) all tag along with the Fellowship, so we have on our hands not a Tenth, but a Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Walkers situation.

P.S: The fic was the first in the LotR section in the unclaimed list, and was a returned fic. If the original claimer wishes to claim it again, disregard everything above this addendum.

P.P.S: My memories of LotR is kind of rusty, but the fic has Lórien suddenly attacked by orcs when the Fellowship stop there. I don't remember such event happening in the books, and I haven't seen the movies.

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