Subject: Thank you kindly!
Posted on: 2023-04-23 19:32:23 UTC

Very happy to hear that you had fun with the first chapter, since I was mostly still trying to find the tone of the recap there. Unfortunately (or happily enough) the utter lack of accuracy and the absolute spying incompetence are... let's just say you barely got a taste of what's to come. :P I'm on chapter 16 right now, and I have had. Words to say. About the espionage in this thing. I do have a few moments in the sporking where I got angry to the point of not being able to snark, but I did my best to at least deliver some analysis where my jokes failed me, and once the spork gets past the bad bad, there's a lot of funny bad to enjoy. So I hope you'll continue having fun if/when you check out more chapters of my recap. Thank you for taking a look!

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