Subject: Yeah, I agree with you very much.
Posted on: 2023-04-25 15:43:12 UTC

I understand the whole "I can change him, mama!" thing - I don't find it very healthy or a good mindset to have IRL, but as you said too, I get the appeal of the fantasy. Hell, I just wrote an on-purpose toxic romance myself with an actual sad ending, so I can't say I don't get the appeal of that, either. The problem with this book is twofold: first that this behavior is portrayed as acceptable, and second that Burke... doesn't really change once he and Ampersand fall in lust with each other. If anything, he gets worse because you've seen how quickly he turns against her the second she dares to step out of his line of sight, and how utterly terrifying his reaction is when she makes him angrier. I simply don't have the energy to go into every single detail in this book that strikes me as wrong so I glossed over certain parts (like him grabbing Sea Urchin hard enough to hurt as he demands an explanation for why she left the ship without telling him), but once I'm done snarking at the chapters, I definitely plan to have a more in-depth discussion about accidentally vs. deliberately toxic romance and why I find this book so unnerving beyond the ridiculous parts.

I'm glad you're enjoying the hilarible spying, though! Stay tuned for more SUPER MEGA SPIES because the next chapter's recap should be happening soon. Thank you for checking out my project! :)

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