Subject: Quick update!
Posted on: 2023-04-27 07:15:07 UTC

I am now on chapter 22 out of 26, and the sporking of chapter 23 should happen sometime today. I told myself I would finish recapping this book by the end of April so I can focus on other projects and IRL stuff next month, and the next few chapters should be done until April 30 one way or the other so I can give my final thoughts post that day (which I can promise will be very long and ranting). I'm sticking to the end-of-the-month deadline as a personal milestone, but I am very eager to recap more, since this is a bit of a passion project and it seems to be well-received, both in this community and with my friends (that's not me polishing my ego, feedback on my writing is what keeps me going).

That means the journey is ending soon, but a big thank you to everyone who chose to join me for it!

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