Subject: Yay!
Posted on: 2023-04-24 06:40:56 UTC

That's me reacting to you saying you're looking forward to more. :P Because the last third of the book is a sight and a half. I know I've been hinting a lot at weird stuff involving the Spider, but when I say nothing could have prepared me for how that plotline is resolved.

As for the romance: yeah. I know dominant love interests and the occasional dubious consenty bit aren't unusual in bodice-rippers, but this thing made my hair stand on end (or made me laugh very hard) with most of what happens between the main characters. And you haven't even seen the moment in this book that honest-to-god freaked me out on my first read yet. But we'll get there. I plan on writing an actual serious analysis of the themes and implications of the leads' dynamic when we get to the end, but until then we have more very bad spying and hilarious prose to get through. So thanks for joining us on this journey!

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