Subject: It's okay that he's a monster if he's MY monster.
Posted on: 2023-04-25 14:59:25 UTC

So yeah, I just got caught up and I second the screaming.

I guess this is a variation on the sort of thing I mention in the title, except that with "my monster" there's a process of "taming" him and proving that he's misunderstood and just needed love the whole time. The heroine can feel safe knowing that she's the one special person who got through the rough exterior to the ooey-gooey center—but if anyone ever dared mess with her, that person would be dead before you could say "sic 'em."

I GET that. It doesn't work in real life, but I get it as a fantasy.

I don't get this. What redeeming qualities has Burke ever shown to make Amahnamahna think there's something worth bringing out of him? What has he ever done to prove that he's a) capable of love, or b) inclined to treat someone close to him better than he treats everyone else? What happens when the lust wears off and they're forced to deal with each other while not under the influence of hormones?


Oculus, nice work! I look forward to further horrilarious spying in the next parts. ^_^


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