Subject: re: interfood interlude
Posted on: 2023-05-06 12:29:20 UTC

Ha ha ha, okay, how is Sheen even alive if he’s putting himself through all these arbitrary strictures every meal? Just put the nutrients inside your body, man! Much as I’m disgusted by too many foods touching each other, I will stand by Helena’s right to eat her food any way she chooses, as long as she’s not wasting any.

Ohoho, what have we here? Trouble in Sheenland? Did he find himself on the wrong end of the Harmonious Honeysuckle Pixie Gourmet Society’s classist little rules? Except he’s still following the rules, so maybe they’re the ones who didn’t like his attitude?

—doctorlit doesn’t particularly like Sheen, or people who act like Sheen, if that wasn’t already obvious

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