Subject: I think it takes on an added potency.
Posted on: 2023-05-09 08:53:40 UTC

When (some) fanfic writers are using Patreon or other platforms to make money off their writing (didn't Amazon start a publish-your-fanfic thing a while back? That was weird), "I'm not making money off this" isn't just a boilerplate disclaimer defence: it can become either "this isn't some of my monetised fic (so I'm not putting in the effort)" or "I'm not one of those people who monetise this (so you should be grateful you get anything at all)".

I don't have evidence - I mostly see it in the form of people complaining about it (as with so many things). But with Lily confirming that people are using Patreon for this, and Yuki asking for it in the first place, I'm happy to accept the insight of people more in-touch than me.


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