Subject: re: cowrite mission
Posted on: 2023-05-08 21:26:21 UTC

Welp. It’s finished at last! Looking at the whole story as a whole, you guys did a good job of letting the fic’s errors manifest in funny ways, but not necessarily through letting the agents interact with what was happening. They give various nauseated reactions, but they don’t do a whole lot besides watch, right up until the charge list scene. It would be nice to give everyone something to do, in the future! They also just kind of drift away at the end, without really acknowledging each other, though I know that’s partly just Carlisle being Carlisle. Hopefully Émilie gets a partner soon, so she can go on missions with a little more camaraderie next time.

Hm. I would argue that putting magical cores in a Potterverse fic can be charge, since it’s. You know. Not canon. (Unless it had been written well, as always.)

—doctorlit is glad you saved the children, but whatever happened to Dominice?! He cannot rest until he gets the answer!!

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