Subject: Besides, an actually publishable novel takes a whole different effort than fan or original fiction.
Posted on: 2023-05-08 09:57:25 UTC

Scource: I tried. And nearly burnt myself out on it. Then again, I did have both a very picky editor and was trying to follow the advice of a even pickier guy who makes writing courses but turned out he was quite the elitist "you have to do things exactly as I say, anything else is wrong and horrible and I'll chew you out on it" kind of guy. He even objected on the use of third person.

I ended up both throwing out that novel attempt (basically Blank Sprite turned into an original) and that guy's course after I had quite a quarrel on it over one of the examples he used for the importance of checklists, about a guy who ended up in trouble because he forgot to manually check the fuel level of his boat since its fuel indicator was unreliable.

I dared point out that checking the fuel level manually was a short term solution, and that it made more sense to get the fuel indicator fixed so the issue simply couldn't happen again and the checklist would be . I got accused of missing the point of the example, to which I had to rebutt that my point still applied to writing-related checklists as the example itself could be paragonable to "check for missed spaces since I have an unreliable space bar on my keyboard" which could be striken off the checklist by buying a new keyboard. That was my point - if the checklist was shorter, maybe the guy would've found it to be less of a chore and he would've actually done it.

I got then accused that the way I was writing down the matter proved that I didn't believe in checklists. Dude, I work in the aeronautical sector. Checklists are my bread and butter - and that's exactly why they should be streamlined when possible. You can't check the tightness of each single bolt before each single flight, for example - the checklist would take days.

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