Subject: I mean, artists monetise fanart, too,
Posted on: 2023-05-09 11:56:43 UTC

so the logic extends that way to fanfiction as well. Some of the top earners on Patreon draw fanart, particularly of the rule 34 variety. Fanartists make up a good deal of the artist alleys at conventions, which in turn is how they're spotted by studios and publishers and go on to make official art--look at Alice X Zhang, for example. Fanartists in MDZS fandom have been commissioned by official sources into making official art, too.

So under that same logic, if fanartists can make money and get recognition from fanart, then it seems double-standard-y for fanfiction to be excluded. Granted, AO3 explicitly forbids any mention of monetisation of works posted onto its site, so fic authors have to "hide the trail", as Sergio mentions, by linking to socials that have links to Patreon or Ko-Fi or other donation pages.

/has done fanfic commissions before to pay for medical expenses because ~America is a capitalist hellscape~, so, uh, yeah.

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