Subject: That was fun!
Posted on: 2023-09-29 14:18:26 UTC

I don't really have a head for useful comments right now, other than I enjoyed it, so I will limit myself to linguistics:

"Adenessa calls her sister ‘Thie’." - chopping the elements of her name up like that makes me twitch. ^_^

"Glortál and Celebtál" - the T should mutate to a D for the second element of compounds, and I think the accent gets dropped too, so *Glordal and *Celebdal. There is actually a canonical Silverfoot (it's Idril's nickname); that version is Celebrindal, from Celeb + ren, an adjective suffix. The adjective form glórin is also attested (in Glórindol, "goldenhead"), so Celebrindal and Glórindal would probably be the Tolkien forms. Alternately Glordail and Celebdail might work (with "feet" rather than "foot"); the example of Celebdil shows that the -bd- is allowable.


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