Subject: What a wonderful review!
Posted on: 2023-09-30 00:02:35 UTC

Thank you so much for reading! =) (And for linking your old comment, I definitely missed that one! Yes, that was Blessie with the reddened nose. XD) Yes, I have definitely wanted it to be clear that Blank is prejudiced. Her opinions should be framed as wrong and harsh and yes, bloodthirsty, since people around her (that are not Moira) comment on it and disapprove. Moira was in dire need of someone like Summer to voice it more directly. Autumn would be more subtle, Buddy would not have the right words, and neither are the kick in the pants Moira needs.

Summer is great fun to write, so I'm glad you like her! (And that the Buffyspeak is coming through. XD) Technically Buddy has probably been around her before, but I doubt he was very interested when she was all Sued up. She's more of a character now. We'll see where that romance goes, but I definitely think there'll be a lot more awkward interruptions by a Moira who Will Not Have It.

I know 100% what happened to Zit, and I'm going to be getting into detail in my next installment, whenever that is. It'll be an Interlude. More answers will be coming!

I'm so glad someone spotted Blank's last name. XD I've known it for a few months now. It was never a part of her original character, she's never had a last name before now, but I can confirm it was the one she had in Sparklee. I just found it absolutely irresistable, so I'm thrilled you noticed!

Thank you again for reading, and for your very thoughtful reviews!


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