Subject: Quite a lot, honestly
Posted on: 2024-06-12 17:03:45 UTC

Purely PPC-wise, trying to finish up a standard 'old shame' mission abandoned/started in 2022, another CYOA co-write with Lin, and an Interlude concerning Makes-Things, gumiho, and childhood fears. And, if I can finish some of my other projects, a 'mission' bordering the worldbuilding angle, with jurisdiction issues and the impact of imagination and creativity as a threat to the multiverse, and also of short-lived universes and even fics crafted by dreams.

In non-PPC works, I'm been chipping away at some longer-form stories I've wanted to finish for half a year now. Struggling a bit with that old classic 'wow, old me wrote so much better' feeling, but trying to push through regardless. (It's probably just because my 'good writing' comes in spontaneous bursts impossible for me to plan out, so I get the feeling I can't write well when I basically do on accident.) I think I have... what, 50,000 words worth of original fiction by now? A decent amount considering my usual rates, haha. It's just healthcare golems and wizards being launched into space, low-stake stuff.

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