Subject: Honestly not a lot.
Posted on: 2024-06-19 15:33:59 UTC

As far as the PPC goes, absolutely nothing. I think it's partly post-NaNo burnout, which gets worse every time; but even replying to this thread has taken days to work up the energy. I don't know.

I haven't done nothing with my time, though. I've been very slowly working on a translated Middle-earth musical that I started over on the Barrow-Downs back during lockdown; we're only about three songs from the end, but everything just keeps slowing down. And recently Kaitlyn and I have been playing around with board-game design: we have two which are broadly complete apart from coming up with understandable rules, one of which should be suitable for print-and-play (or indeed scratch-in-the-earth-with-a-stick-and-play).

I also did some family tree research earlier in the year, which. Folks. Do not dig too deeply into family tree mysteries unless you are in a very stable state of mind, because every single person in them dies. I ended up writing two of the most depressing biographical pieces I've ever seen and inflicting them on my parents, because frankly they're descended from these people and they should suffer too.

(Which backfired massively, because my mother forwarded it to my, um... half-second cousin once removed, who asked her to ask me to look into her husband's grandmother, who it turns out may or may not have died of the freaking Spanish Influenza.)

And the usual menagerie of writings-for-the-drawer that makes up my general background state, but which I don't think we really mention. I have loads of little stories that I just turn out and bounce to Kaitlyn for our entertainment, because ultimately, I'm a writer; that's what I do.


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