Subject: Slowly cycling between various projects.
Posted on: 2024-06-15 22:40:48 UTC

Since I'm working as a pet-sitter, my schedule is constantly changing and it's not always easy to find a solid chunk of time when I can shut out the world and just write. TBH it's more to do with managing anxiety/energy than actual time, and I think I'm getting a bit better at it now that I've been doing this for almost a year(!) and feeling more secure that this is a job I can keep doing long-term at least until my knees/hips/back give out. ^_^

I have been enjoying collaborating with Lily Winterwood on the Heirs of Avalon world, mostly behind the scenes, though I do have a bit of Jenni/Jacques/Ryan's backstory about halfway done. That's been my active focus most recently.

Purely PPC-wise, I continue to poke at Subjugation off and on. Like Ix and My Immortal, the fact that it's a Legendary and people tend to have high expectations about it makes it a bit daunting, but I am close to the point where I actually have plans for what happens, and whenever I get there I hope it will come more easily!

There's also a Farscape mission starring Ilraen and Agent Taboo of the MPreg Division; various co-writes in various stages of completion (please poke me if it's been too long!); and some interlude-y things also in various stages of completion.

In non-writing projects. Phobos and I broke down and got into miniature-painting at Christmas, so I've also painted some Space Marines. We decided they're Soul Drinkers chapter, which are purple and gold and definitely not scions of the Alpha Legion. {= )

Oh, and I'm on Flight Rising doing pixel dragon breeding and things. If you like pixel dragons, come be my friend and also Calliope's!


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