Subject: Well...
Posted on: 2024-06-16 05:46:14 UTC

A mix of things.

Non-PPC-wise, I've been slowly working on an original fiction story that's now percolated to the point where I'm really happy with what I've written and also now all the main characters make sense to me (two got overhauled) and I finally have pretty full knowledge of the plot! I've gotten to play with a bunch of fictional cultural stuff, and character relationships, and it's been slow going but I'm very glad that this is what's come out of taking my dad's advice to stick with an idea without judging it (guess what difficulty I was having with writing a couple years ago >.>). I've only shown it to a very few people, and only one has seen it in full--and she's really into it, which is just the best feeling!

I've also been learning Mandarin more actively (via Duolingo, cdramas, dictionary, and so on), and it's been really fun. I recently got to the point where I added some of the relevant keyboards to my phone, and have been playing around with that a little bit! It's only been a few days, though.

PPC-wise...I've been slowly (okay, it's kind of on hold recently) pulling together all the various missions and interludes that I started over the years (and sometimes finished!) to be able to put them up and kind of...close that chapter. I have a framing device and everything; I just don't have much spare time and energy to put into it recently. But maybe I'll try harder to pick it back up. These are, primarily, stories I'm no longer interested in continuing; I just think it might be nice to share most of them as 'historical' stuff, instead of just leaving them on my hard drive/gdrive and that's that. I know at least a few people here would be happy to read these, even in incomplete form. We'll see how it goes.

I also have the next part of Like A Wink and A Smile (Jacques/Jenni series), which I've slowly been poking again; hoping to do more soon. That one's got a mix of editing, writing, and cutting down left to do; I'm excited to see how the ending goes, once it can be finished!

There's also...more Jacques! I'm sensing a bit of a pattern forming. Remember how he wound up with an orchestra's worth of AUs? Yeah, so in 2020, when I decided to just write anything that came to mind and entertained me, I started a little series about his AU selves slipping through into HQ, and so on. Some of it I don't think I'll be sharing, but some of it I definitely would like to. I just need...honestly, it's probably only a matter of a few hours each, for the most part, in terms of finishing them; these ones that I want to share are primarily stories I wrote in one go or over a few days or so, but then getting to the ending stalled into half an hour here, half an hour there (two hours there when a bunch of words spilled out...), or, in one case, I really wanted to add a couple bonus scenes, and that got into the majorly broken up writing sessions territory as well. It's not unpleasant to go in and write a few sentences at a time, but I would very much like to just sit down and write the endings already, especially since I have the inclination to and more or less know what they'll be. The problem is that I keep not getting there, for RL reasons (namely: I work full-time and also study and also have to deal with general housekeeping and all manner of similar stuff, all of which takes a lot of time and energy). Maybe I'll manage to shift that in the coming months, but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. It'll happen when I figure out how to make it happen, as will every other writing goal I'd like to achieve faster, and in the meantime it's not like nothing's moving. A few things are, really, just very slowly for the most part. It'll happen.

So yeah, that's about it! We'll...see how it all goes. Wish me luck with improving that writing part of the work-school-housework-RL-writing-hobbies balance soon :)


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