Subject: Oh, I actually have a merging-back case among mine!
Posted on: 2024-06-20 04:04:59 UTC

The comic version of the fourth Wings of Canon mission, An Awkward Exorcism. The differences are fairly minor, mostly dialogue being revised since a good decade passed between the two versions and my writing improved. The most glaring change being Corolla saying a line that was originally Sergio’s, while casting some shields that weren't mentioned in the original version but ended up being not needed.

So, the two timelines (3.001, the Canon PPC one, and 3.005) can be considered to have merged back just a few hours into the split and, as I said already in the commentary accompanying the comic, if in The World Without Authors we have, say, 3.001 Sergio and 3.005 Nikki they would never notice that they are from different timeliness!

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