Subject: Can report: Still alive
Posted on: 2024-06-24 00:25:22 UTC

Working. Just celebrated Midsummer with friends, it was pleasant. Managed to be in the countryside without a single mosquito bite, which is rare! They usually flock to me. And also there were cats there. Cats are nice.

Am about 8000 words into an interlude that will heavily feature Psychonauts-related elements, am pretty excited about that even if I'm not even close to approaching an ending. It's trucking along though! It's just got a lot of notes that go "AND THEN MORE OF THIS TYPE OF CONVERSATION HAPPENED BUT WHATEVER ON WITH THE STORY WHO CARES" which I will obviously have to, uh, fix. The number of hours I have spent on this interlude is frankly insane.

I remain present on the Board. Just imagine me peering in through the door occasionally to see what's going on.

/Ekwy, waving

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