Subject: Morgan furrowed her brow.
Posted on: 2011-12-10 23:30:00 UTC

"You... shot me?" She blinked at Colt and held up her gun. "With a gun?"

"Everyone /down/!" a woman's voice yelled, and the redhead who had been following Morgan around dove between her and Colt, blaster raised. "Morgan of the DMS, I charge you with-"

"Nita, no!" a tinny voice shouted from a radio at her belt. "Not a threat! The cameras have picked up- look, just /get out of there/. We'll neuralyse later. This is all getting out of hand..."

The redhead looked mortified. "Peter, I'm sorry..."

"Just /leave/!" the radio yelled, and the redhead left the lounge at a run. Morgan blinked.

"Well, that was... interesting. Ouch!" She looked down at the spiderlike robot by her ankle. "What in the worlds...?"

you have done your part the robot intoned in a squeaky voice. all is proceeding as planned take care i hope i see you again With that, it scuttled away, vanishing into the crowd.

"Is it just me," Morgan said, "or was that a bit strange even for here?" She blinked. "And why am I not drunk any more?"

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