Subject: Anyone good with fictional languages?
Posted on: 2019-11-07 15:45:33 UTC

I have a project in mind which involves writing the same message in multiple fictional languages, preferably in their own writing systems. Slight problem - while I can do a decent job of Middle-earth languages (link slightly NSFW I guess, though more so if you happen to read archaic Qenya or Gnomish), I don't actually know any other fictional languages. I've previously been gifted names in a few, and have transcribed them accordingly:

... but I wouldn't even know where to start on constructing my own material in them.

I've crafted a simple inscription in English:

We are the children of myriad worlds. Once we wandered lost, but now we have found each other. We join our hands in friendship, and by our hands we build a new world together.

... and, as is my wont, translated it into Quenya:

Nalvë híni linambaron. Yáressë ranyanelvë, hecili, mal sin ihírielvë elvë. Nútalvë málilva nilmenen, ar málilvainen ocáralvë Vinyambar.

So can anyone help by offering up any more?

('Fictional' language can be taken slightly loosely; if we happen to have anyone fluent in Toki Pona or somesuch, I'd be happy to accept it. The key requirement is that it must have a native writing system which isn't used on Earth - sorry, Esperanto speakers!)


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