Subject: Oh lawksie.
Posted on: 2019-11-08 11:57:15 UTC

So according to the Wikia, there is a script for the Ancient Speech, and it's... well, it's about what you'd expect from Paolini:

"The Liduen Kvaedhi was a special script invented by the Elves for writing in the Ancient Language. It was designed to be the most beautiful form of writing possible. Words and sentences were written in glyphs that changed depending on the context of the word. The names of Dragon Riders' swords were engraved on the blades and sheaths in this script. Also, unlike the spoken form of this language, there was "no barrier to writing fiction". The script consisted of 42 basic letters which could be re-arranged into a nearly infinite amount of glyphs."

(Ix, I figure you know this, but hopefully other people will read too.)

The Wikia shows three glyphs, on a pair of swords and a ring. It looks like they do represent the same system, but given that the words shown are 'Brisingr', 'Zar'roc', and 'Yawë', I'm not sure we can draw any conclusions about the letter-symbols that make them up. The sources are the deluxe edition of Eldest, and Eragon's Guide to Alagaësia, so there might be more information out there... it's hard to tell.

... right, so apparently Paolini drew some glyphs in the Guide, though they're not translated. I think the double-headed axe is Zar'roc's, and the one down and left of it is Brisingr's, and the top-left is definitely 'Yawë' but the others stand untranslated (and it's possible the ones we know are concept-glyphs, not actually spelt out.)

It's frustratingly clear that he has at least some of the alphabet written out, but doesn't seem to have ever shared it... ai Elbereth.


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