Subject: Hm. Just for fun...
Posted on: 2019-11-07 20:54:43 UTC

Much as I'd love to give Klingon a shot, I really only know the good curses, there. :P I can take a stab at the Ancient Language from Eragon, though it would only be for funsies since it sadly does not have its own script.

Anyway: A-hem

We are the children of myriad worlds. Once we wandered lost, but now we have found each other. We join our hands in friendship, and by our hands we build a new world together.

Vae eru du kynn abr vaetnaí íliaí. Framvír, vae vrangro unin rauthr, mar hávr verda darmthrell. Vae gatho lamar nen vinar, un medh thorna lamar vae malthinae frëma íliaí.

(Direct translation: We are the people of scattered lands [literally, places]. Before, we wandered in misfortune, but have become brothers. We join/unite hands as friends, and with those hands we create more lands [places].)

Hoo! Okay, that was a lot of jumping through metaphorical hoops. Lots of missing words from the dictionary, not a fun thing to be stuck with. I'm 99% sure I conjugated all the verbs properly, though... eeks.

As a side note—you could consider looking into Aurebesh from Star Wars? It would be a pretty simple 1-1 cipher since Galactic Basic is just kinda... English. :P

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