Subject: Mando'a!
Posted on: 2019-11-08 13:45:52 UTC

With many thanks to Iximaz for pointing me at Star Wars, I've managed to put together a Mando'a [Mandalorian] translation:

Mhi ori'sol uvete'ade. Mhi ru kemi echoy'la, a'jii mhi mar'eyi cuun tsad. Cuun gaane burcyan'yc to, bal mhi pirimmu cuun gaane nau'ur evaar'la me'suum tome.

We [are] many worlds-children. We once walk searching, but now we find our alliance. Our hands [are a] friendship connection, and we use our hands to forge [lit. 'light up'] [a] young planet together.

Mando'a doesn't really use the very 'to be', so the first sentence is a little ambiguous, but I don't think that's a problem. I love the fact that the closest word for 'build' turned out to be the verb 'light up' - because it comes from the phrase nau'ur kad, 'to light up a saber'. ^_^

And, thanks to a lovely transcription service, we have an in-universe text at last:


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