Subject: ... Paulini never invented an alphabet?
Posted on: 2019-11-08 08:45:59 UTC

That's actually really surprising - I figured it would have followed right on the heels of the map. Maybe it depends on what sort of fantasy he was reading; the Eddingses didn't play much with alphabets, for instance. (DId they not even come up with one for the movie?)

Anyhow, thank you! I think part of the fun of this is working around exactly the sort of vocab holes you mention. We were never going to end up with exact translations, and the more fragmentary the language, the more exciting the circumlocutions will end up being. ^_^

You can definitely see the Norse influences in the Ancient Language, like that 'hávr' in the middle, and the English sentence structure is also pretty clear. My big question is: what is the word for 'places'? I can't see anything in common between vaetnaí íliaí and malthinae frëma, which I think should both contain it ('scattered lands' and 'create more lands' respectively, right?).


I remain mildly peeved that Galactic Basic is just English. That said, if we're talking Star Wars, I think Karen Traviss made a decently functional Mando'a language, and that has its own alphabet. Hmm...

(There must be someone in the PPC Trekkie enough to know Klingon, right? ^_^)


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